9th Gear

01 Challenge

9th Gear Technologies is the only B2B marketplace that offers same-day Foreign Exchange (Forex) transactions with intra-day credit, moving a process dominated by a handful of banks where a trade takes two days to settle, to a process that is open to new participants and completed in minutes.

The BlockBox was chosen to build production-ready FX trading market platform in which the foreign currencies (USD, EUR, GBP..) are traded. Platform can be used to place orders for the various trading pairs, and sell, buy, lend, settle, loan and repay loans.

Scope of work
  • Product Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • DevOps and Deployment to Amazon EC2, S3
  • UX/UI Design
02 Solution

The BlockBox has designed and deployed a solution that provides B2B marketplace with bank custody, trading features and functionalities, live integration with market makers, limit orders and continuous trade in the prediction market. We have developed dedicated panels for various users with multitude of user- specific access, authorization and privileges rights.
Technologies used
03 Effect

Initial MVP (minimum viable product) same-day trading and credit platform has attracted 9th Gear’s primary investors and early adopter customers.

Following subsequent software releases, a state-of-the-art same-day marketplace platform was launched, and 9th Gear was able to sign up global banks, multinational private equity firms and financial services corporations. By implementing cutting edge backend, full stack, DevOps, blockchain and security technology, 9th Gear’s same-day FX trading platform has scaled well to support the growth of the global customer base.

04 Testimonial

“Our teams worked seamlessly to translate business requirements into a comprehensive end to end solution powered by an intuitive UI and blockchain based solution. The agile development process was quite effective in iterating a highly complex solution with a minimal level or defects and rework.”

Maryanne Morrow, CEO & Founder

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