APEGO Digital Wallet

01 Challenge

To design and develop APEGO, non-custodial, decentralized, digital wallet where users can create multiple, multi-currency wallets for BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens. Users should be able to send, receive and view transactions by using their own cryptographic private keys. As a white-label product, wallet should be developed in a way that enables future rapid software expansion, integration with banks, financial institutions, AI platforms, AML/KYC systems, crypto exchanges and more. No personal data should be captured. All user data is stored on user’s devices, and not on The BlockBox servers.
Scope of work
  • Product ideation and strategy
  • Digital wallet UI/UX design for desktop
  • UI/UX design for iOS and Android OS
  • Mobile app and desktop application development
02 Solution

APEGO is designed and implemented as a highly-scalable solution, that can be transformed into a custodial wallet. Wallet is enabled for rapid add-on of new feature and functionalities such as: AML/KYC, multi-signature, custody, API integrations with banks, payment gateways, new cryptocurrencies and more. APEGO is based on zero-knowledge security architecture.
Technologies used
03 Effect

APEGO wallet has empowered many B2B clients and individual users to fully control their private keys and digital funds. Both mobile and desktop apps provide intuitive UI with seamless onboarding, full control, data privacy and security.
Mobile app success stories
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