Penetration Testing

01 Challenge

The customer, California based hotel chain, received threat emails that it might have been the target of a cyber attack. In dire need to understand its exposure they requested a full Internet and internal assessment and penetration testing.
Scope of work
  • Deploy Internet and internal penetration scanners
  • Assess external and internal exposure based on scan results
  • Develop remediation plan based on vulnerability ranking
  • Remediate vulnerabilities and document the process
02 Solution

After scanning the customer’s external facing infrastructure and identifying serious vulnerabilities, our team recommended an immediate action plan in order to prevent unauthorized access to internal resources. Access from the Internet was temporary blocked while our team along with the customer’s IT addressed all identified critical vulnerabilities identified. With the Internet facing infrastructure remediated our team focused next on the internal identified vulnerabilities. A plan was devised to address the vulnerabilities in two phases with Critical and High in the first phase.
03 Effect

The remediation for both external and internal facing systems was implemented with a minimal service downtime. This allowed our customer to claim with a confidence that they have not been the target of a cyber attack. Moreover, the customer understood that their infrastructure and systems are now better prepared to prevent cyber attacks.

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