01 Challenge

Vesto asked us to help them build a next generation fintech banking platform, using blockchain, stable coins and decentralized finance services for quicker, lower cost and more secure transactions.

The objective was to develop multi-signature digital wallet, support custodial services, and fully integrate with USDC, MakerDao, Compound and Ray stable coins. Project scope also included design and development of ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-777 smart contracts to support various trading and technical functions.

Scope of work
  • Multisig Digital Wallet Design and Development
  • Smart Contracts Development
  • API Integrations
  • Private Keys Management
02 Solution

The BlockBox has designed and developed a multi-signature digital platform that supports security and custodial services, and provides full integration with banks and crypto payment agreggators. Platform leverages integration with USDC, MakerDao, Compound and Ray stable coins. Through ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-777 smart contracts we are supporting various trading and technical functionalities, supporting Vesto in leveraging decentralized network that is transforming traditional financial products.
Technologies used
03 Effect

Vesto was able to exponentially scale their de-fi platform to support number of digital assets, that rely on blockchain to prove ownership, and authorize and enable instant settlement of transfers, as well as immediate access to funds. Private cryptographic keys and multi-signature wallets that store them leverage security against theft, loss or destruction of the funds.

04 Testimonial

Congratulations to The BlockBox team for a job well done!

Vesto has been aiming to deploy a blockchain-based multi–sig wallet to manage custodial services for its crypto financial services clients globally.  Vesto hired The BlockBox team in Q1-2020 to assist in the development of Vesto’s multisig wallet. The two respective engineering teams worked closely together in developing Vesto’s multi–sig wallet and we are happy to say that our multi–sig wallet is now available for customer evaluation. The BlockBox team were diligent on the project scope and delivered on time.  Everything was delivered within budget and their technical blockchain and crypto expertise are second to none! Professional and fun team to work with, I highly recommend their service!

Chris McGregor, CEO.

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