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Smart Contracts & dApps



Hyperledger Fabric



Use automation and transparency to streamline your business

Smart contracts are algorithms that automate executions of agreement between parties in a blockchain. They are the beating heart of dApps as they enable them to operate as peer-to-peer networks.

By incorporating a dApp into your business, you can rid yourself of issues associated with high transaction costs, excessive execution times, weak product traceability, vulnerable information security, and identity authentication.

Enterprise Blockchain


Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Indy

Turn a private blockchain into a cornerstone of your company

Conventionally, blockchains are seen as peer-to-peer networks open to anyone wishing to access them. This is, obviously, not a good fit for companies wishing to keep their data away from prying eyes.

Enterprise blockchains are designed in a way that only verified members can become a node on the network. They allow you to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain without forcing you to relinquish the control over the network.

Crypto Wallets

Safely navigate and make the most out of the crypto world

Cryptocurrency wallets are the central point of contact from which you manage all the cryptos in your possession, similar to how bank accounts are used to handle any action related to FIAT currencies.

Our team specializes in creating sound, highly versatile crypto wallets that are quick, reliant, and can handle various forms of digital money. We’ll equip you with a custom-built wallet and help you expand your offering into the crypto realm.

Blockchain Development Success Stories

9th Gear

CASI Digital Wallet

Frequently asked questions about our Blockchain development

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed, immutable, transparent and secure digital ledger where transactions of various types between parties are recorded redundantly.

What are the major benefits of blockchain technology?

Sole version of truth – all network participants have the same view of recorded data, distributed property – removes dependency on centralized and other intermediaries, security – cryptography enables secure ownership and transfer of digital assets, and smart automation – enables automated execution of smart coded contracts.

How to decide whether you need a blockchain solution?

We have developed a process flowchart that will help you with the decision making process, and pinpoint the best use cases and applications. Fill out this form to obtain our “When to Consider Blockchain” flowchart.

Why do we need Smart Contract development?

Smart Contracts are secure, code-based agreements among participating blockchain entities. We offer design and development of the Smart Contracts on various enterprise and public blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar, Cosmos and Polkadots.

How long does it take to develop a blockchain MVP?

During the Product Design workshop we will jointly review and agree upon business and technical requirements, and deliver product/project roadmap with a high-level architecture and design. Based on the scope and functional requirements, MVP development takes an average of 3 to 6 weeks to complete.

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