When it comes to security, your business can’t afford to take any chances

Bump up your security levels, complie with PCI standards and stop worrying about cyber attacks

PCI Audits
Vulnerability Scanning

PCI Audits

Increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud

PCI audits examine the end-to-end security levels of your organization’s credit card processing systems. It’s essential to pass it with flying colors as dropping the ball with card processing systems can land you in a world of legal trouble.

Our team can ensure there’s no room for breaches of credit card and cardholder data, plus we can tell you what areas could do with a few more layers of security.

Vulnerability Scanning

Let’s ensure all your bases are sufficiently covered

Amongst other services, TheBlockBox specializes in assessing security levels of various systems. From comprehensive threat modeling and architecture review to penetration testing and scanning, we’ll leave no digital stone unturned.

Once we analyze your systems and identify weak points, we’ll also give advice and instructions on how you can patch these issues up and protect what’s yours.

Security and Compliance Success Stories

PCI Audit

Penetration Testing

Frequently asked questions about our Security and Compliance

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance is a series of IT standards that are required for the use of online credit card payments. Any organization, even Non-Profit/NGOs entities that accept payments or donations via credit cards must meet PCI Compliance.

Why do I need outside help in assessing my organization’s PCI Compliance?

We have the expertise and neutrality mandatory for an accurate PCI Compliance assessment.

What is a Vulnerability Scan?

Vulnerability scanning is a technology used by IT Security today in order to identify any vulnerabilities of an IT system. Typically, a scanner is used to probe the IT system from the Internet and from the inside.

What is an IT Vulnerability?

An IT vulnerability is a weakness of an IT system that can be exploited by attackers with the scope to obtain unauthorized access to said IT system.

Once we know our vulnerabilities what do we do?

Every IT system has an inherent vulnerability given by its components and/or its architecture. Our expertise will help you remediate or mitigate the risks associated to the identified vulnerabilities in order to minimize the exposure of your IT system.

Turn your systems into an impenetrable digital fortress

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