The Future of Blockchain – TheBlockBox @ Crypto Investment Summit (CIS) 2019

TheBlockBox attended one of the leading conferences focused on blockchain technologies, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors, CIS 2019. The conference proved to be the most fruitful one yet as the company’s booth was strategically placed in the midst of it all, but also company’s CEO and Founder – Nena Vučković, participated in the Permissioned Ledgers & Enterprise Applications panel on October 16.

Nena explained the dissimilarities along with pros and cons of permissoned and permissonless blockchains. She also clarified how businesses can start their own blockchain venture – from understanding transformative nature of blockchain tech and applying its specific attribute to an internal process all the way to building business case and launching a pilot or an MVP. Ultimately, Nena concluded the panel by introducing TheBlockBox’s team experience on private blockchain use cases in financial, supply chain, and healthcare verticals.

TheBlockBox had the opportunity to share the procured knowledge and listen to some of the industry’s most inspirational and insightful thought leaders such as Shruthi Rao from Amazon Blockchain, Pei Chen from ConsenSys, and Alex Mashinsky, the CEO & Founder of Celsius Network, among others.

Vlada Marjanović, CEO and Founder at CryptoRock explained firsthand how his collaboration with TheBlockBox resulted effectively on his business model.

“Our collaboration with TheBlockBox started by conducting a thorough Information Security vulnerability Testing of our network infrastructure, and smart contracts audit and code review. The results were astonishing, and the team delivered an outstanding result.”

Speakers, exhibitioners, and attendees at CIS offered numerous solutions for problems that dwindle the crypto world. A trending theme at the conference was that in the near future everything – from every stock, real estate property, and real-world assets – will be tokenized.

TheBlockBox has already developed applications ranging from financial platforms and decentralized exchanges and cryptographically secured data records, to smart contracts. They have also delivered the types of applications blockchain is best known for such as security tokens and crypto wallets.

TheBlockBox would like to thank everyone who attended and helped make this a memorable event. Collaboration is crucial for the success of this industry, and we look forward to meeting more potential partners and early adopters along our journey.

About TheBlockBox

The BlockBox is a Silicon Valley team of thinkers, makers and doers who specialize in the entire product software development cycle: from R&D and building MVPs to scaling and improving, we demonstrate the true value of a development partner.

We are are also subject matter experts in blockchain, cyber security and CRMs, and as a group we are driven by Innovation, Passion, Operational Excellence.