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Vulnerability Scanning Services: Fortify Your Cyber Security

Whether you operate a small online business or a global enterprise, your IT networks will always be a target of cybercriminals who can detect and exploit flaws to steal your information or resources. A breach of any size can slow your company down, damage your reputation, and potentially ruin your business.TheBlockBox provides end-to-end vulnerability scanning services that can quickly find and isolate your security flaws to protect your operations.

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Vulnerability Scanning
Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning: Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

At TheBlockBox, we utilize the latest scanning tools and provide the expertise of our security analysts to detect abnormalities. We can help you identify weaknesses before criminals get to or reputation. Our vulnerability scanning service will help you address security flaws to minimize risk and improve your organization’s network.

Some of the Major cybersecurity vulnerabilities:

Poorly Configured Firewalls

DNS Misconfigurations

Out of Date Software, Bugs

Operating System Abnormalities

Insecure Passwords

Substandard Compliance


Insecure Ports and Hardware


Human Error or Internal Hackers

How We Detect Issues

TheBlockBox’s engineers and security analysts can deploy, configure, and monitor vulnerability scanning solutions to provide a successful vulnerability strategy that will prevent intruders from compromising your operations.

Our team will first determine the scope of the scanning process based on your system, devices, and assets. Then, during a full vulnerability scan, we’ll analyze your IT infrastructure through unauthenticated or authenticated approaches. An internal vulnerability scan will allow us to detect the weaknesses that a cybercriminal could easily see and exploit.

Issue Detection

Services That Keep You Safe

Our experienced team can use a wide variety of vulnerability scanning technologies, smart scanners, and other tools tailored to your system’s threat-detection requirements to find issues.

After scanning, we’ll provide easy-to-read reports that pinpoint the dangers. By estimating the business impact of existing flaws, our experts can then offer actionable solutions and remediation guidance that will guarantee your safety. This will also reduce the pressure on your in-house team while keeping your operations in compliance with regulatory standards and requirements like PCI DSS.


Threat Level Assessment

Architecture Reviews

Threat Modelling

Phishing Tests

Network Penetration Testing

Network Vulnerability Scanning

Frequently Asked Questions About Vulnerability Scanning

What is vulnerability scanning and how does it work?

Vulnerability scanning is an automated process of identifying devices in the network and potential breaches in each of the devices. The process is most commonly performed by a member of the IT department, and it is one of the easiest ways to detect potential weaknesses within the system. A person in charge of the testing will run the program, highlighting potential security threats.

What is the primary purpose of penetration testing?

The primary purpose of penetration testing is to test the security of the system. A person performing the test will try to breach the system by any means possible, and the outcome of the process will show how secure the network is. Commonly, pen tests are also known as ethical hacking.

What is main difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing?

Vulnerability scanning is an automated process most commonly performed by a member of the IT department. They will run the software, and it will analyze the system, highlighting potential threats and issues. On the other hand, penetration testing is done using a variety of tools and techniques, and it is more similar to hacking but with authorization.

Why is vulnerability scanning service important?

The only way to ensure that a company’s data is private and secure is through testing. A vulnerability scan can highlight potential issues, which can be resolved once they are identified. Knowing and identifying weaknesses of the system is the first step towards improving security. It also lowers the chances of cyberattacks or other similar threats to the company.

How to perform external vulnerability scans?

An external vulnerability scan is searching for weaknesses at the network or website from the outside. The idea is to run the scan and find any potential weak spots before the hackers. This way, the company can easily improve the security and patch any issue it encounters. Vulnerability scans are automated, and they will highlight weaknesses within the system.

Enhance your cyber security while saving time and money, contact TheBlockBox today!


We can build on your idea and provide solutions to take your business to the next level.
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We can build on your idea and provide solutions to take your business to the next level.
Please fill in this form to start the process.


We can build on your idea and provide solutions to take your business to the next level.
Please fill in this form to start the process.